Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This 109 yard fairway leads to green number one.

One of my golf buddies, "a young" John Jackson (age 85), is getting ready to tee off on hole number one. I and my other "young golfing" buddy (age 87), were waiting for John. These two men witnessed my hole-in one on this hole. They are good Christian gentlemen and very good golfers for their age.

My first hole-in-one experience

This trophy and certificate were given to me in recognition of this unusual accomplishment. I was surprised at how few golfer's have achieve this feat. The great Bobby Jones, for example, never got a hole-in-one in all the years that he played. It "only took me 50 plus years" and a lot of luck to get one. Grandpa Carr

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Three Musketeers... and loving it.

We three have enjoyed watching all of you growing up and becoming such a wonderful posterity. We couldn't ask for anything better than being able to watch you all marry, have our exception grandchildren and do such a wonderful job of teaching, training and being such a good example to them of humble service oriented members of the Church. Much love to you all, and enjoy remembering.

The gifted and talent Smith family.. I finally got you on my blog.

These folks look pretty relaxed after hosting our Panaca Reunion. What a great time we all had at this reunion. Look at these beautiful girls and handsome young men. A group just like the other families attending the reunion.

The gifted and talented LeCheminants family. and they weren't finished yet.

As I look at Renee and Greg's family, I think of all of you and what wonderful of faithful parents you have been to your children. How pleased we are as your parents. How pleased is our Heavenly Father. You were and are the special spirits reserved to come forth in the latter days.

What a wonderful bunch of "Carr's"

Do you recognize these amazing Carr's? No better specimen's of Carr's have been created, except for the original models. Amazing bunch.

At the time these two were just getting started..Sydni, what a beauty she has become, just like her amazing counsins

Steve and Kathy were so proud of little Sydni and rightfully so. I think we have the most beautiful and intelligent grandchildren in the world.. I'm not prejudice
it's a fact of nature.